Reasons how a UPS generator system can save lives

You look forward to your time away from work, from which you consider to be a stressful job in the transport industry dealing with customer complaints. Your workload has certainly increased of late with services decimated through industrial action and a shortage of staff leading to a cut in services.

But then it’s put into perspective when you meet up with a friend for a round of golf with lunch and drinks. He’s a surgeon at the local hospital and some of his stories are of true heroism. But being the modest man he is, he insists much of his work is down to technology, colleagues, and their invaluable UPS generator system.

  • Imagine being in the middle of carrying out an operation that can save someone’s life and suddenly there is a power outage that affects the local area including the infirmary. It is literally a matter of life or death, so it is incredibly vital that there is a backup resource for such eventualities, and that is where their UPS system comes to the rescue.
  • Like several other sectors, such as finance, the military, and transportation, their uninterruptible power source is an emergency backup to provide power so that things can continue until their generator is fired up and ready to go. Having that power source kicking in immediately is literally a matter of life and death in the health industry. And there you were thinking that you were smart having learned tips for protecting your business systems and customer data.
  • The UPS system is invaluable in conjunction with allowing that back up generator time to power up, as without it the electrical equipment will power down while it is doing so, with the consequences too dire to contemplate.
  • Despite the UPS being incredible vital, it will only offer a few minutes of power. It cannot be used as a generator, but those minutes are critical so that it allows a surgeon, in the case of your friend, to make safe informed decisions.
  • It is also vital that the generator is compatible with the chosen UPS system, otherwise it can lead to major breakdowns and huge complications. Alternatively, choosing the right model that works alongside the generator offers so much. Maybe some of the events at your favourite venue are reliant on a UPS system?
  • The size of the chosen generator matters significantly, as it must exceed the power of the UPS, with decisions as to which generator to have in operation will depend on such things as what is the electrical equipment that will be reliant upon it, considering the impact of each piece of machinery or equipment will have should it fail and prioritizing it, while also noting which equipment is lesser important and can be managed without should there be a power outage.

Selecting the right UPS equipment for a particular task, which must be compatible with the generator it serves, will save any company time, money, and lives if it is affected by a power shortage. 

Andre Nicolas

Andre Nicholas is a blogger and writer who loves to write and share his thoughts about technology.

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