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Using Technology to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Most people will have probably heard of emotional intelligence or at least know a couple of things about it however the way in which technology comes into this is often not as well known? using technology as a emotional intelligence (EQ) resource is quite new but we are going to look into it here and also how it can help you if you are hoping to develop your EI skills.

People who have a high level of EQ are able to properly identify the emotions that people are going through with certain signs and then act on these emotions accordingly. This can be great if you are in a management position – and much of the managerial literature these days is coming with a lot of emphasis placed on EI – because you can recognize when someone is perhaps feeling down, when they are not quite themselves etc… and then take a decision based on this.

There are many technological ways in which you can help boost your skills in emotional intelligence. Games can be found online that put you in hypothetical situations where emotional intelligence is needed to make a decision or to analyze a situation. In fact, many programs exist that can also go a long way in identify areas where you need to improve on your EI.

The fact is that we are using technology far more now and this has decreased much of our emotional intelligence ability as a lot of interaction or correspondence is now done via email or text. Obviously it is much harder to gauge someone emotional status through these mediums so developing our skills with emotional intelligence is vital in today’s world. It is being used more and more in various sectors and getting ahead in your career can rely a lot on your EQ ability.

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