What are the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for business?

Microsoft Office 365 is the primary cloud-based system from Microsoft. It enables you to collaborate with your colleagues in any location. All you need is the internet and access to your shared system. All types of technology providers are pushing their cloud-based systems, including Oracle, SAP and many more. 

Office 365 includes the full range of Microsoft products such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. However, it also consists of some of the newer additions in the form of SharePoint and Teams. 

However, here is an explanation of why companies seek to use Microsoft Office 365:

  • Microsoft Office 365 enables you to access your files in any location. They are always available online. This has led to massive growth following the move to remote working and the COVID pandemic.
  • Office 365 offers customers a completely secure environment. Security is the responsibility of Microsoft, and companies can avoid taking this risk on themselves. It is also much cheaper to outsource the responsibility to Microsoft. 
  • Microsoft Teams enables virtual and instant business communication, and SharePoint allows file sharing. Team and Yammer can also offer the ability to establish an instant chat. 
  • Most cloud products offer financial benefits. You pay a predictable fee as a subscription. This is much cheaper than a significant one-off investment in an on-premise solution. It is predictable and easier to manage financially. 
  • Files are kept in the cloud, and Microsoft provides backups. This avoids you requiring your team to arrange backups. 
  • Cloud systems offer flexibility; you can upgrade or downgrade the license depending on your usage. You can also access more premium areas to meet your business needs. 
  • Updates of the system will be outsourced to Microsoft. This means you save time and money on updating the system.
  • You can share your mailboxes, file systems and individual files. This means that you can gain the ability to collaborate with remote working colleagues. This helps businesses to work together and to work with partner organizations. 
  • The system adapts to your needs. Companies can use the subscription model to buy the amount of usage that is needed for their organization. This tailoring is ideal for many fast-changing businesses. 

Microsoft Office 365 Courses for Employees

Office 365 is a relatively new system, and many people need to get used to it, as some of the more established programmes like Excel or Word. However, Office 365 is an essential programme for modern business. It is now expected that people need to be able to work from home. Employers and recruiters increasingly use Office 365 as a required skill and qualification for many jobs. This fact means that job seekers should seek to take training courses in Office 365 if they need more skills in this area. The good news is that learning is more accessible than programming like Access, Excel or Project. Nevertheless, you should look for an accredited academy in Microsoft Office Courses if you are looking to gain certificates and new skills. 

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