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5 Tips for Speeding Up Your Business Internet

Nothing is worse than suffering poor internet speeds when you’re attempting to provide excellent customer service and carry out regular business activities. If this struggle sounds familiar, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you boost internet speeds and deliver the services your customers deserve. 

Switch Broadband Provider

There are countless deals online from every internet service provider, and they all claim to be the best. If your internet speeds are consistently slow, consider seeking out an alternative (ISP). While you’re browsing, you may be able to gain a better deal through the powers of negotiation – many ISPs are happy with the custom and will willingly match existing provider prices. 

As well as cost, you need to prioritize efficiency and speed promises. For the most part, ISPs that deliver fiber broadband will have higher speeds. For those of you in and around Phoenix, we suggest you check out this excellent fiber internet Phoenix provider, which is growing stronger by the day. 

Consider a Leased Line

If you’re currently using the most powerful fiber broadband in the area, consider switching to a leased line. These types of fiber lines are trailed straight from your business property to the nearest cabinet or exchange. Your leased line is dedicated to your business, which means uptime of 99% and a max download speed of 1GBps. 

Invest in a 4G Router

Unfortunately, not all locations have access to high-speed broadband, especially in rural areas. If this could be the cause of low speeds, consider investing in a 4G router. Instead of connecting you to the internet through cable or fiber lines, 4G routers rely on mobile satellites, which can be much more powerful. 

Invest In a Wi-Fi Mesh

If you have high-speed internet at your point of origin, it doesn’t mean your entire premises are covered by the same luxury. One of the most modern ways to disperse consistently high speeds is to install a Wi-Fi mesh. These nifty devices, if placed correctly, will string together and supply sufficient Wi-Fi throughout the entire building. However, you should keep in mind that high-quality mesh devices are considerably expensive. For example, the Netgear Orbi RBKE963 Wi-Fi 6E will set you back around $1700, but that’s the price of having the best on the market. 

Limit Device Bandwidth Speeds

Your internet bandwidth is shared between all devices connected to the Wi-Fi, with some devices guzzling more speed than others. To alleviate sluggish speeds, head into your router’s settings and limit bandwidth for each connected device. When you do this, you can ensure all devices will work and you won’t need to worry about unnecessary downtime quite as much. 

Delivering high levels of customer service relies on efficient broadband speeds. If you’ve carried out extensive troubleshooting steps and had no look at improving your speeds, consider exploring the information outlined above. If you need to spend more on your broadband, it’s well worth the investment because it will help deliver your services successfully.

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