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50m Series 142m Sawersventurebeat

“Matching rage broadheads to specific arrows for perfect in the field arrow flight is extremely important to bow hunting success. That goal defies the most compound and traditional archers and does not change with the style of rage broadheads you choose. It is common to assume that mechanical rage broadheads will fly much like field points but that is not always the case.

Even the relatively small diameter of mechanical rage broadheads can alter arrow flight to a certain degree. That is why bow hunters need to get hold of or purchase convenient practice heads in each package that they buy. These practice mock heads mimic the real thing and allow you 50m Series 142m Sawersventurebeat shoot at targets with a head that flies just like your regular rage broadheads. If you do not have practice heads it will then become necessary for you to sacrifice a regular rage broadhead for practice”.

“What you need to do is to colour the blades black with a black coloured magic marker so that you know what it is and that you are using a practice head and not the genuine rage broadhead product that is usually used for bow hunting. Now what you need to do is to place the arrow on a spin tester to ensure that it is concentrically aligned into the broadhead feral.

If the broadhead tip is not aligned perfectly use a small amount of pressure to realign it or use another arrow that provides a perfectly concentric fit. The next task that you need to accomplish is to take your chosen rage broadhead go to the range and shoot a few warm VentureBeat arrows with field points. Then pick an arrow armed with your practice broadhead, stand at the far end of your effective shooting range and shoot at a small bulls eye”.

“If the arrow misses the mark, shoot at the bull’s eye again. If it misses again use a sharpie to place a minus symbol on the cock vane. If the arrow flies true and hits the bull’s eye twice, then it earns a plus sign on the cock vane a sharp rage broadhead and a spot on your quiver. Repeat the above mentioned and discussed process until your quiver is loaded with perfectly flying ready to hunt arrows.

However, it is assumed that your bow is already well tuned. Now you may well discover that your rage broadheads might not fly like your field points. If they 50m series 142msawersventurebeat not fly like your field points experiment with knock and fletching orientation, do some minor tweaking of your arrow rests horizontal position or determine which of your arrow spines is incorrect. Matching quality individual broadheads with specific arrows will result in a quiver full of accuracy and a bow hunting mind full of confidence”.

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