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Be one of millions of people around the world that make a good living from drinking and marketing ganoderma organo gold coffee.

“If your new distributor does not have a list on one hundred names then get them to pull out their pile of business cards and write down the names of those people on those business cards. Get your new distributor to go through the names in their phone book and write down those names onto their Warm Market prospecting list. Another source for names is your new distributor’s holiday card and Christmas card list.

Another source is to look in the Yellow Pages Directory and then go through the names listed according to occupations. This will jog your new distributor’s memory as to how many people they really do know that they can place on their prospecting list. The next task github 16m series 100msawersventurebeat the sponsor during your Getting Started meeting with your new distributor is to ask him or her for the top fifteen people on her list which she knows are the most successful of his or her entire list of names”.

“Then you say to your new distributor, once she has listed the fifteen names of the most successful people, is that those are the people that he or she will be approaching first. These people must obviously be people that are local and close to where your new distributor lives. Your new distributor will then approach these people by giving them a pre approach Organo Gold pack which could be the Distributor Kit which you have already bought, again and many of them, as previously discussed.

So what will your new distributor think of approaching these top fifteen people locally who are successful. Your new distributor will automatically think that those are the people that she would definitely not call or approach”.

“She thinks this because they are successful and she or he has prejudged them thinking that because they are so called “successful” that they would not be interested in the ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing business. However, the whole point is that these fifteen people are your new distributor’s ‘Chicken List’ because your new distributor is afraid to call each one of those fifteen people.

The fact is that these successful people are more likely to be successful in network marketing than those on the new distributor’s list that are not so called ‘successful’. Therefore your new Github 16m Series 100m Sawersventurebeat, distributor needs to call each of those fifteen people before somebody else in Organo Gold calls them and gets them into their own network and eventually realizes that these people have or will grow a large and successful downline”.

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