Laptop Tracking Services: Top 5 Apps to Track Your Laptop

Just like smartphones and tablets, laptops are also portable devices and are made to accompany you wherever your go. This level of portability makes them vulnerable of getting lost or stolen. We recently told you how you can set up Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager services on your mobile devices so they can be tracked in the event of getting lost or stolen. Doing the same for the laptops we have gathered a list of Top 5 laptop tracking services you should consider setting up on your laptop.


First on our list of top 5 laptop tracking services is LoJack. This is an easy to use tracking software that is especially designed by keeping normal users in mind. You will need to sign up to LoJack and install a software on your laptop, which will be used to track your device and perform different actions on it. This tracking service allows users to do multiple actions with their device including locate, lock, display a customized message and more. LoJack is a paid service and minimum package would cost you $40 per year.


Prey is an open-source laptop tracking service that is available for free. The basic features are provided for free in a limited capacity but if you want to use more than 3 devices and get more than 10 reports after losing a device then you will need to buy the premium model. The Prey service allows users to locate their lost laptop using GPS or Wi-Fi geolocation, take screenshot, capture through webcam, remotely delete data and lockdown their computer.


Next up on our list of Top 5 laptop tracking services is The LaptopLock. If you are looking for a to the point service with no fancy interfaces or extra features then The LaptopLock service is for you. Not only it is available for free but it also does the job pretty nicely. The LaptopLock provides ability for users to remotely delete files, encrypt files, run a program, show a message and more – all of this while being hidden from the user.


Available for free and exclusively to the Mac users Find My Mac is a service similar to Find My iPhone but for Macs. Users can turn the service on from the iCloud settings and that’s it, they can then track their device and perform actions like remote wipe, custom message and ringing alarm using the website.


Last but not the least on our list of top 5 laptop tracking services is Front Door Software. It is a nice service that provides most of the needed features to users for free. While it is also available for free users can also purchase a $30 worth 3 year license with unlimited location tracking. This service allows users to display an alert on the stolen device, ring a tone on the device, lock down device remotely and more.

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