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Best Android Keyboards for Your Smartphone

One of the best features of Android is that this mobile operating system is highly customizable. Unlike other mobile operating systems the Android users have freedom to install custom themes, launchers and even keyboards and create a more personalized experience for themselves. On Android users can download any keyboard they want from the Play Store and use it across different parts of the software. In this post we have compiled a list of best Android keyboards available to users to help you choose which one suits you the best.

Different keyboards that are available in the Play Store bring their unique features that can make typing on Android much easier. Every keyboard app has its unique features and input methods.


First up on our list of best Android keyboards is SwiftKey for Android. It features gesture support that is quite accurate and easy to get used to. When you are completely familiar with the gesture based input of SwiftKey then you may be able to enter text even faster than simply typing it. SwiftKey has support for a number of languages and even allows users to activate three different languages at a time. Users can switch between the selected three quite easily right from the keyboard. SwiftKey keyboard for Android smartphones is available for just over $2.


If you have a Android smartphone that is not a Google Nexus device then chances are that you are running a custom ROM designed by your manufacturer and not the one that comes with Android by default. Google Keyboard is available in the Play Store and is  the stock keyboard for devices that run the stock Android ROM. Previously this keyboard was exclusive to the stock ROM however Google has released it now in the Play Store and users of all supported Android devices regardless of their manufacturer can download it on their smartphones for free. Google Keyboard has a number of awesome features including swipe support and suggestions bar. Google Keyboard is available for free.


Swype was one of the first Android keyboards that caught everone’s attention and also the first one ever to introduce the swipe gesture based input to the masses. This keyboard has always been the trend setter and is still quite awesome. Swype keyboard has become even better over the past few years and now it is capable of almost accurately reading all your inputs and predicting words based on your finger’s movement. Unlike most other apps Swype Keyboard has a really nice feature of scanning contacts, emails and other documents in order to learn the names of the people you communicate with. That way it can learn even the most difficult names and allow you to enter names of friends using the Swype gesture input. Swype keyboard is available for $0.99.


Next up on our list of best Android keyboards is GO Keyboard. It is developed by the same company that brought GO Launcher to you. One of the best features of GO Keyboard is that there are many themes that users can choose from. It also features emoji keyboard mode. There are a number of features that are easily accessible through the pop up menu. GO Keyboard supports a wide range of languages and changing from one language to another is quite easy and can be done in a few taps right from the keyboard. GO Keyboard is available in the Play Store for free.


Concluding our list of best Android keyboards is TouchPal Keyboard app. It is also a gesture based keyboard app that aims to guess the word you are trying to type before you even finish typing or swiping. A really nice feature of TouchPal keyboad is that it features numbers and symbols right on the alphabetic keys. Users can enter the number by swiping up or down instead of holding it for a long time. This makes entering the symbols or numbers faster than other keyboards. TouchPal supports a wide range of languages and there are several skins available to choose from, which makes it a great option. Making things even better is the fact that TouchPal Keyboard app for Android is available for free.

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