How to Install an Android Application on Windows 10 Mobile?

With Astoria available now on Windows Mobile Project 10 and leakage of tool to install APK from a computer , it is possible to install Android on some Lumia.

To install an application now, you can follow the process outlined in this article. During the release of Windows 10 Mobile, Android applications will be download able directly from the Windows Store, if the developer has taken the step of proposing its application.


Before starting, check if the Astoria project is available on the phone. First, the phone will be in the latest version of Windows Mobile available in 10 Insider Preview with updating “Developer enhancements” proposed since July 30 by Microsoft and installed.

For now, only a few models of Lumia are compatible and boarded the Astoria project, but the list should evolve in the coming weeks.

The site achieved a tool simplifies the installation of these applications. This tool, APKTOW10M, is available here . After installing the tool, it must be prepared to receive phone applications.

For this, it will go into the phone settings, in the “Update and Security” then “For developers” and activate the “Developer mode”. It should also enable detection of devices.

Once done, you can launch the tool “APKTOW10M” freshly installed on the computer and connect the USB phone to the computer.

The next step is to couple the computer and the phone. To do this, press the “pair” them on the phone, available down the options “for developers.” The phone will give a six-character code that will go in part 2 of APKTOW10M tool and press “Conectar” / “Connect” (in the language of the tool).

Next, step 3 should unlock and simply drag and drop the .apk in the central area for install on the mobile.

More than 50 Android applications have already been tested as functional  on Windows 10 Mobile. If you find other popular applications running on Windows 10 Mobile, feel free to mention them in the comments of this article.

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