Top 5 Alternative Web Browser For Your Android Devices

Android is the largest mobile platform of the world and according to recent Google over 2.5 billion devices are currently powered by this very operating system. Android is also one of the most customizable mobile operating system and allows its users to change aspects of it like no other software of its class. One of the features of Android include the facility for users to set any app as their default application..

Although Android is shipped with a stock mobile web browser users can always download another web browser designed by any developer and set it as their default.

Here in this post we are going to share 5 alternatives to Android’s stock web browser and suggest apps that you can download from the Play Store and set as your default browser.


First on our list of top 5 alternatives to Android’s stock web browser is Google’s own Chrome browser. Many believe that it is now time that Google officially replace the stock browser of Android with Chrome. Chrome for Android is free, fast and much more stable than the stock option and users love it for a number of reasons. Apart from being more stable this mobile web browser also feels familiar to millions of users who use Chrome browser on their desktop computer so they become readily familiar with the mobile version. Chrome features a number of great features such as incognito mode, ability to sync with the desktop version, fast search and more You can download Chrome for Android on your smartphone or tablets here.


Another desktop web browser that is available to Android users and is on our list of top 5 alternatives to Android’s stock web browser is Mozilla’s Firefox. Firefox for Android is fast, efficient and customizable web browser for users of Android smartphones and tablets. It loads websites at a fast speed and allows users to manage their favorites and mobile videos in a smart way. The tabs of Firefox browser for Android are easy to use and allow users to intuitively jump from one website to another. The Firefox browser supports private mode, add-ons and Do Not Track features for enhanced privacy. It is available in the Play Store for free.

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Third on our list of top 5 alternatives to Android’s stock web browser and another app for Android originating from the desktop web world is Opera. It is an easy to use web browser for Android that loads up websites a fast speeds. Users get a number of great features with this browser app including the fast off-road mode that allows users to access websites on the go even when the 3G connection is not accessible. Another nice feature allows users to instantly mark websites as favorites and put them on speed dial. It also features a download manager that enables users to play music files and watch videos right from the browser. Users can also rename files they have downloaded from the web using Opera browser. Opera browser is available in the Play Store for free.


Dolphin is a web browser that packs a lot of unique features that make it stand out. One of the most interesting features of Dolphin browser is ability to open websites by just using gestures. Users can assign gestures to different websites such as the shape of ‘e’ and open them instantly by drawing the shape on the screen using their finger or stylus. It features a dedicated web store that offers some great web apps to the users including Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter and more. Other features include tabbed browsing, home screen, add-ons, Sonar (built-in voice search), one tap share and more. Dolphin browser is available in the Play Store for free.


Fifth and final browser we have to recommend today on our list of top 5 alternatives to Android’s stock browser is ONE Browser for Android. It is a fast and efficient web browser that is easy to use and does the job pretty nicely. It features download manager, good HTML5 support, font size customization option, skins, page capture feature and more. Over the recent updates ONE Browser has improved a lot and has added a number of features that were requested by its users. ONE Browser for Android is available for free.

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