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Best Bluetooth keyboard for iPad mini in 2022

iPad is primarily a touch screen device however you can boost its usability by adding an external Bluetooth keyboard to it. Using the keyboard accessory for iPad you can work on and create long documents, which is something that is hard to do using the on-screen touch keyboard of iPad.

There are many accessories available in the market and that could make choosing which one to buy a tricky task. In this post we have compiled a list of best Bluetooth keyboards for iPad or iPad mini to help you in choosing which Bluetooth keyboard to buy. Bluetooth keyboards are better for a number of reasons most important of which is they are clutter free since there are no annoying wires attached to them. So without any further talking lets begin with our list.

Anker Ultra Slim Mini Bluetooth 3.0 for iPad

This great looking Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard for iPad is from Anker. The keyboard looks a lot like Apple’s own keyboard for Mac, which gives you a native feeling. It features a design that has been made to reduce wrist stain that is caused by typing for long periods of time. The slim and lightweight design of this iPad keyboard makes it perfect for those who travel a lot and keep all the accessories for their iPad in a backpack. The keyboard is powered by 2 AAA batteries that run for considerate amount of time thanks to the auto sleep and wake functions. You can buy Anker Ultra Slim Mini Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard for your iPad for $19.99

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AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard with Mini Travel Stand

Second on our list of best Bluetooth keyboards for iPad and iPad mini is AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard. It features a nice looking black color and supports all iOS devices that have Bluetooth including the iPhone and iPod touch. It is a slim device whose black makes it subtle and minimalistic. It allows users to access home screen, search screen, show/hide on-screen keyboard as well as control volume using the keyboard shortcuts. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries that come included in the packaging. It also comes with a free stand for iPad. You can buy this keyboard for $10

Sanoxy Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

Kelvin Stewart, the co-founder of US Bad Credit Loans, said that If you are looking for good and affordable Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad then SANOXY Bluetooth Keyboard is the way to go. It features a a full sized QWERTY keyboard along with special buttons that are meant for iPad’s features. It has a on/off switch to turn itself on or off. Using the shortcut keys users can access several features of iPad instantly. This keyboard is available for $12.99

Logitech Keyboard for Apple iPad

Last but not the least on our list of best Bluetooth keyboards for iPad and iPad mini is Logitech’s Keyboard for iPad. Logitech is a familiar name for most users. Its products are good in terms of design and durability. Logitech Keyboard for Apple iPad is no exception. It is certainly one of the best Bluetooth keyboards for iPad available right now. It features a compact design, which is also low-profile thanks to its black color. The keyboard comes with a carrying case and stand combo, which protects the keyboard while you are on the go as well as hold the iPad when you using it. This keyboard has a 30 feet range and features shortcut media keys  such as play, pause, volume and more. The Logitech Keyboard for Apple iPad is available for $42.

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