Top 5 Music Player Apps For Android in 2022

The stock music player of Android is great for listening to music however it still lacks a few features that are offered by some great third-party music player apps for Android. If you are looking for an alternative to the stock Android music app then you have come to the right place. Every music app we have mentioned here has its own strengths. Some of them features really gorgeous interface while others focus on features that are not available elsewhere.

Here are the top 5 music player apps for Android for the year 2022. Go ahead and give each and everyone of them a try before choosing the best one for yourself.


Fusion Player is one of the best looking and easy to use music player for Android devices. It features a similar design and interface to the stock application so if you are switching for the first time you won’t find it difficult to get used to it. It comes with a number of themes that can be chosen by the users. Apart from playing the library music Fusion Player also allows users to stream the top chart or listen to the SHOUTcast radio for free. It has some really nice gestures that allow users to do things quickly and intuitively. It also has the shake to play and pause features. All in all Fusion Player is a great replacement for Android’s Music app and truly deserves to be on our list of Top 5 music player apps for Android for the year 2022.


The DoubleTwist Player for Android is one of my personal favorites. The app has a nice looking interface that is also very easy to navigate. This music player allows users to access the now playing screen simply by tapping on the round shaped up button, which brings up the now playing screen like a tray. Apart from playing and managing their own music library DoubleTwist Player allows users to enjoy the Magic Radio, which is a personalized streaming service that plays songs according to your taste based on the data it gains from your library. The app also allows users to stream music, photos as well as videos to devices like Apple TV, Xbox 360 and more. Users can subscribe to new podcasts and listen to the ones they already like. DoubleTwist features tons of features that are not found on the stock app and that makes it a worthy competitor and member of our top 5 Android music players list.

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If you are looking for a simple and easy to use music player for your Android smartphone then PlayerPro Music Player is the way to go. It is one of the best music player apps for Android that features some really nice skins that can be used by the users to personalize the look of it according to their taste. One of the best features of this app is that users can manage their music library in a very convenient way no matter how large their music library is. Like DoubleTwist player it also comes with widgets for Android homescreen enabling users to play/pause and go to next or previous songs without even opening the app.


Up next on our list of top 5 music player apps for Android is Poweramp. It is a powerful app for Android that acts like a ‘real’ music player. It has features like sound effects, equalizers and a interface that make it one of the best on the Play Store. The main attraction of this app is that it features a lot of customization options that are not available in most other apps. Although Poweramp is a paid app it offers much more than what developers are charging their customers and it gives the full worth to the money you spend on it.


Last but certainly not the least on our list of Top 5 music player apps for Android is Winamp, which is a classic music player for Windows made its Android debut a while back. Just like it has always been on Windows the Winamp for Android is a powerful music player that has tons of features and supports a wide range of file formats. It features SHOUTcast radio, music discovery tools, equalizer, widgets and more. It is a must have for every Android users.

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