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How to Recover Deleted Pictures From Your iPhone

Everyone has at one time or another accidentally deleted a picture from their phone that they intended to keep. You may even experience entire albums being deleted and if you are using an iPhone, your only option may be to go back to iTunes and hope that you can retrieve those deleted items.

There is a chance that you will not be able to retrieve deleted pictures no matter how hard you try. There is also a chance however, that you can retrieve those pictures although the process is not easy. If you are using an Apple device, there are three basic ways that you can attempt to recover deleted pictures.

You can try to recover those pictures using iTunes. You will need to connect your iPad or iPhone to the system where you launch iTunes. Look in the view section for the sidebar. You should be able to view your Apple device on the screen. If you right click on the device and choose the “restore from” option, you should see a list of your backups. If you have backed your device up recently then you should have access to those deleted pictures. Note that if you have backed up recently, everything that you have backed up will be restored to that point. This includes contacts, messages, emails and everything else. You may need to go back through and re-delete those items that you did not want to restore.

You can also use Photo Stream or iCloud to attempt your recovery. If you store pictures on Photo Stream, you can easily restore those that have been deleted from your Apple device. Just go to the photo application on your device and choose the menu button that is located at the bottom. Choose the Photo Stream application and then recover photos. If you have saved these photos in Photo Stream, they are not technically lost and you can simply restore them to their original location.

There are many third party software programs that are designed to help restore photos to Apple devices as well. If you have not had success with the other steps, you can attempt to recover using third party software. You should be careful of any software that you are not sure of and be certain that you do a bit of research to ensure that this is trusted software before you download it. Most of these programs work automatically. Once you have connected your device to your computer, you simply open the file and the software should begin to automatically restore those deleted files.

Before you stress out over deleted photos, make sure that they are actually deleted. If you have sent these photos in messages, they may still be on your device and attached to those messages. Look through to ensure that they are actually gone from everywhere in your device before you begin trying to restore them. Avoiding this problem may not be possible all the time but you can take time to attach photos in the future or use an application that will save them for you in another location so that future deletes do not happen.

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