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Understanding The Different Cloud Computing Architectures

If you are considering cloud computing, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. You should understand the different types of architecture that are available in cloud computing. There are many different possibilities when it comes to cloud types and choosing the right one for your company may come down to your understanding these types and their benefits.

Public cloud models give you secure virtual hosting and use a server that scales to precisely meet your business needs. The main benefit of cloud computing for many companies is that you will not need your own network and you do not have to hire staff to maintain that network. The cost efficiency of cloud computing is one thing that has made it very popular with companies looking to scale down their costs. Public cloud modes offer a number of benefits such as pricing by the hour. You also get API access and the deployment is done completely through the website of the provider. You should note that public access can raise the risk of security issues in public clouds.

Private clouds allow each customer access to a dedicated computing environment that is firewalled off from the world. This gives you much greater security and because you have your own unique server, you can control your space the way you want. You still get the benefit of being able to scale your business and cut costs, but you can do so in a much more secure environment. The private cloud model does help you to reduce your IT costs although you may not see the reduction that you get with the public cloud model.

Hybrid cloud models give you the opportunity to work with your hosting service so that you can get the specific service that you need. What the hybrid cloud does will actually depend on what your business needs and what you can arrange with your hosting service. You and your host will work together to determine the most effective hosting solution for you. This gives you customized hosting that will specifically meet your needs and can reduce the overall operating costs when compared to having your own internal network.

In order to determine which cloud is best for your business, you may have to speak with your IT professionals or your hosting service. All of the above architectures give you a number of benefits and cloud computing is a cost effective way to network. How cost effective however is going to depend on you and what you feel is best for your company. Once you have identified what you need with regards to hosting, you can choose the model that best suits those needs. Your IT team should be able to assist you in choosing the right cloud computing environment for your business needs and if not, you can speak with a company that provides cloud solutions for small businesses and find out what options are available to you and which ones will help you to meet your goals of saving money and getting the networking functions that you require.

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