Technological Ways to Deal with Anti-Social Teenagers

In recent years, the number of anti-social teenagers has increased dramatically. This is because many teens are now using technology to communicate with each other. There are many ways to deal with this problem, but the most effective way is to use technology to your advantage.

There are many different ways to use technology to deal with anti-social teenagers. 

1) Social Media

Social media is a very effective way to deal with anti-social teenagers. For example, suppose there is an area with many kids who act up. In that case, you can create a social media page for your neighborhood that can be used to alert other residents of any examples of anti-social behavior.

2) Anti-Loitering Tech

Stop the problem before it starts by discouraging teens from congregating in areas where they may get up to mischief. The Mosquito, an anti loitering sound device, emits a high-pitched noise that only those under 25 can hear. The sound is irritating and results in teens moving away from the sound. However, the device is harmless and can be used indoors and outdoors where there is a high concentration of people. 

 3) Cell Phone Cameras

Cell phone cameras are also very useful in catching anti-social teenagers in the act. A movement encourages citizen photographers to take pictures of anti-social behavior so that it can be reported to law enforcement officers who are patrolling an area at that time.

4) Social Media and the Police

Another way to use social media is to partner with the police. For example, you can tell the police about any instances of graffiti that you see on social media, and they will see if they can catch the perpetrator and charge them with a felony.

The police also use social media to track down criminals who post pictures of illegal activities on Facebook and other websites. 

5) Closed-Circuit Television

CCTV can also be used to put neighborhood watch teams on alert for an anti-social behavior problem. When they notice an incident of anti-social behavior occurring, they can alert the people in the area, who can then call the police. If the people calling in don’t have telephones or Internet access, then payphones that are still operational can be used to get someone at their local gas station or convenience store to report the incident over their telephone.

6) Motion-sensitive security lights

Motion-sensitive security lights are also a good way to discourage teens from congregating in a specific area. When the lights go on, the teens will be able to see that there is a security camera up and running, and they will stay away.

Technology has made it easier for anti-social teens to communicate with each other and plan their nefarious acts. However, there are many technological ways to fight back against this anti-social behavior, including the use of social media, cell phones, and CCTV. These methods can catch the perpetrators in the act so that they can be identified and, if needed, arrested.

Andre Nicolas

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