Xesame, Discover the Treasure Within Your Phone — Quality, Eco-friendly, Innovative

When you first hear the brand name Xesame, it might seem unfamiliar.

Yet, when I reveal that its inspiration stems from the Arabian fable “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” and the magical phrase “open sesame”, does a light bulb go off? The “X” resembles a door being drawn open, symbolizing Xesame’s promise: that anytime we approach this door, we can uncover the treasures we seek.

In the realm of smartphones, Xesame implies “opening the door to a vast array of mobile components”.

Established in 2017, Xesame primarily offers mobile users top-tier, replaceable LCD screens, along with batteries, back covers, and other accessories. Six years since its inception, “sustainability, innovation, and cherishment” have remained its guiding principles.

Innovation denotes the continuous evolution and adaptation of the LCD to align with smartphone advancements, striving for screens with lower power consumption and higher refresh rates. Sustainability reflects the ethos of extending the smartphone’s lifespan without compromising quality when screen issues arise, leveraging a repair-recycle economic system, making the entire mobile industry chain more eco-friendly. Cherishment, a value Xesame deeply embodies, signifies treasuring your phone, valuing what you presently possess – people, time, objects, and a myriad of priceless memories.

Embracing such a philosophy and dedication, Xesame’s LCD underwent countless refinements, gradually gaining recognition worldwide. The LCD screens produced by Xesame are characterized by their excellent brightness and vibrant, rich colors. Catering to customers’ varied demands for screen quality, Xesame introduced three series: Standard, Prime, and Original.

Xesame places immense emphasis on user experience, constantly enhancing product performance and service based on customer feedback. Igor, the owner of a mobile repair shop located in Dubai’s DIFC area, stated, “Owing to Xesame’s outstanding value for money, the number of customers choosing to replace with Xesame LCDs exceeds those opting for other brands by 20%. Furthermore, cases requiring rework are extremely rare. Given the unique nature of electronic products, after-sales service is a critical factor in our procurement decisions. This is also why Xesame remains our long-term business partner.”

“Open Sesame”—Xesame’s annual promotional event is once again in grand commencement. Coinciding with the release of the iPhone 15, Xesame is rolling out an LCD sample showcase for customers worldwide. For just an additional $1 on any sample order, customers can obtain a prime-quality sample for iPhone 11 or any model below it. (The promotion lasts until the end of October, with all interpretative rights reserved by Xesame.)

The surprises don’t stop there! The iPhone 15 series LCDs are also about to be launched. We are now officially accepting inquiries for bulk orders of more models. For more product details, please visit the Xesame official website:

Xesame is the best backup for your phones.

Andre Nicolas

Andre Nicholas is a blogger and writer who loves to write and share his thoughts about technology.

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