Back Up Your Computer Data and Keep Your Files Safe

Tape backup is a type of data storage that offers a number of benefits. It is often used to create a copy of the data that is being stored on a system at certain times. Data is copied onto magnetic tape which enables it to be archived for future need. Before compact disks were created, data tape backup was the major way of protecting business data. Today, many companies prefer this method simply because it offers complete protection from loss of data. While servers and other storage devices will help to protect data to an extent, tape backup can be permanently archived so you will always be able to restore your system to the point in time when the backup was performed.

This form of data backup is dependable, cost effective and relatively easy which is why many companies still prefer to use it over digital backup methods. The process is very similar to copying business data to a remote server. There is software used to begin the process and to monitor the progress of the copy. The magnetic tape has the ability to read data directly from the hard drive of your system in about the same speed as other methods. Once the backup is completed, the tape is stored safely which essentially provides you with an image of your data when it is backed up.

Backing up your system on disk is perfectly fine if you need to create copies of the information that is currently in your system. Accessing that data is a bit different than accessing data on a magnetic tape. Disks will allow you random access which simply means that you can browse the data that is stored in order to find specifically what you are looking for. With tape backup, you are given more of a sequential access level which means that you can access data and then move throughout the data but only in the actual order that it has been recorded. You cannot skip over certain data as you can with disk storage methods.

While this type of backup has been around for a few years, the equipment used for the process has changed quite a bit since its inception. Today, buffering equipment minimizes the time needed to complete the process and decreases the need for stopping and rewinding throughout the copying. It is very common for companies to choose both tape and disk backup in order to fully protect their business data. Having this data stored on a remote server or even an onsite storage device allows you to instantly access that data should an issue arise that causes the need for restoration of your system. Tape backups can still be done at the end of each day which means that you will also have an image of how your data looked at the specific point in time each day so it is nearly impossible to completely lose your data in the even that you experience complete system failure or any other issue that could threaten memory storage.

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