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How to Install Sound System in Car: A Guide For Beginners

Regardless of the level of sophistication that your car exists on, no one can deny the importance and effectiveness of having a great car audio system installed. The actual process of assembling and installing an audio system can seem a bit tricky, especially if you don’t know a lot about the components that you’re installing and have never done it yourself before.

Knowing some basic things about stereos and sub-woofers can help you out tremendously when deciding on what exactly to install and ultimately how to install it. It does take a little bit of technical know-how, and you definitely want to be careful when installing a system into your car; we are not dealing with LEGOs here.

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The various components that go into a car audio system tend to be designed for a specific type of vehicle in the first place. You need to keep in mind any space constraints inside of your car that will come into play while installing your system. Always start off with the speakers, making sure that the front, center and rear speakers for your audio system fit the car very well; afterward you want to make sure that the power output of your system amplifiers or head units are matched up with the actual power handling capacity of your chosen audio system speakers.

Sub-woofers that are designed for cars tend to have a higher power consumption than your average audio speakers, and will require a specific enclosure when you go to install them into your vehicle. If need be, you can have a custom enclosure made for your car to serve the aforementioned purpose. You usually don’t want to go with the built-in amplifiers that come with the stereo system head units, external amplifiers offer more power and overall quality with your system.

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