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How To Remove Spammy Backlinks From Your Website

If Your Blog Have Many Spam Or Low Quality Backlinks. Then Your Blog might be a Victim Of Google Penguin Algorithm update. So You Have Need To Remove Those Backlinks Otherwise You Visitors And Rankings Goes Down. Today I Tell You How To Use Google Disavow Tool For Remove Spammy/Low Quality Backlinks From You Blog.

1. Go To Google Disavow Tool.

2. Login With Google Webmaster User ID And Password.

3. Select Your Website/Blog From The List. (If You Have More Than 1 Website/Blog In Google Webmaster).

4. Click On ‘Disavow Link’ Button.

5. Then You Again See ‘Disavow Link’ Button. Click On Them.

6. Then You Have Need a Txt File Of All Spam Backlink Pages Or Domain. Easily Create a Txt File In Notepad.

If Your Blog Have Many Spam Or Low Quality Backlinks From a  Domain And You Want To Remove All Backlinks. Then Enter a Command In Txt File domain:xyz.com (xyz.com Is The Domain who Contains Many Spam Or Low Quality Backlinks To Your Blog)

If Your Blog Have Low Quality Backlink From a Specific Page Then You Enter Address Of Those Page In Txt File Like abc.com/xyz.html (abc.com/xyz.com Is a Page Who Contains Low Quality Backlink To Your Domain.

7. Click On ‘Choose File’ Button And Upload The Txt File. Click On ‘Submit’ Button.

Your File Is Upload On Google Webmaster. And Your Spammy Backlinks Are Remove From Webmaster Within Some Days.

Andre Nicolas

Andre Nicholas is a blogger and writer who loves to write and share his thoughts about technology.

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