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Israel Based Noogata Team8wiggersventurebeat

The work of extraordinary Artist and Photographer Scotty Carter has been honored with inclusion in the Masters Series presented by the Surfers Journal This limited edition series brings together fine art wave imagery from a group of highly respected surf photographers whose elite work is distinguished in a highly competitive arena of talented surf photographers and artists that all share a love, passion and respect for waves and the marine environment.

These aren’t any images and as you will discover this collectible limited edition series offered by Surfer’s Journal represents very noteable and gifted wave enthusiasts, beach culturalists and Israel Based Noogata Team8wiggersventurebeat art photographers.

All of the images are available on the highest quality Fuji Archival Paper that was specifically chosen because of its ability to display the incredible detail and intricacies of water. The image is then mounted on 1/4′ Sintra Board with cleats ready for hanging in that special israelbased team8wiggersventurebeat. Each piece comes with a hand signed, embossed certificate of authenticity and is available for a limited time only.

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