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Top 5 Internet Proxy Server Services in 2022

When it comes to privacy and freedom internet has not remained a nice place it once used to be. Now governments and other agencies track the activity of each and every user on the internet and to make matters even worse they simply block certain websites they don’t think are suitable for you by acting like a big brother. Thankfully there are some no-so-perfect ways to avoid getting tracked by governments and access different websites even when  they are blocked in your country.

There are many proxy internet services available to users of the web, which effectively help users in the rough world of the internet. In this post we have gathered a list of top 5 internet proxy services that you can use. All of them are great and although there might be some problems with these services they are certainly better than others.


First on our list of top 5 internet proxy services is Tor. Tor is an open source software that can be downloaded and installed on the computer and activated with a single click. Available for all major desktop platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux etc, Tor can be used to hide ones identity on the internet and improve security. Tor also has a dedicated browser for its users that allow them to browse any website they want anonymously. Users can access websites using Tor that are otherwise not available to them.

Hotspot Sheild

Second on our list of top 5 internet proxy services is Hotspot Shield VPN service. Just like Tor this service is also downloadable to the computer. It also works on mobile devices powered by iOS and Android thanks to the dedicated free apps available on these platforms. The Hotspot Shield can be used just like Tor to browse the Internet with maximum privacy and security. While it is a paid service Hotspot Shield offers a 30 day trial on desktop and 7 day trial on mobile.


Unlike Tor and Hotspot Shield Vtunnel is an online VPN that allows users to access any blocked website or access the internet anonymously without installing anything on the computer. Users can simply enter the URL of the website they want to access and hit start. Using Vtunnel is super easy and fast.


iPredator is a paid VPN service that works like a charm. It is an online service that provides an encrypted tunnel allowing users to stay anonymous over the internet. The service has one purpose i.e hiding your IP address behind one of their own – allowing you to browse the internet with sense of security and privacy. Although it is paid and gives users a short trial it is still part of our top 5 internet proxy services list because of its features and nearly flawless service.

Hide My Ass

Last but not the least on our list of top 5 internet proxy services for desktop computers is Hide My Ass. Just like Vtunnel, Hide My Ass is an online tool that can be used by users to instantly access their favorite websites. Whether you are looking to hide your identity or trying to access any website that is blocked by you government or service provider, Hide My Ass has got you covered.

Apart from VPN services Hide My Ass also offers a number of other features such as anonymous email, anonymous file upload, pro services and more.

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