Everything You Need to Know About the Types of AA Batteries

Batteries differ based on their usage, construction and their shelf life. Understanding the different types of AA batteries will help you to determine which specific type is best for your needs. Lithium batteries are very popular today as well as alkaline which carries a number of different types as well.

Alkaline batteries are a bit different than other types. They are constructed in a cylindrical shape just like other AA and AAA batteries and are also available in button batteries such as those found in watches. The cylindrical shell of an alkaline battery is covered by a steel sleeve and the center is normally hollow.

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There are a number of different uses for AA batteries and not all of them are right for all uses. A television remote control for instance normally does not require a lithium battery. Alkaline batteries are normally recommended for electronics and electronic devices generally optimize the full energy of alkaline batteries. You may need to look on your electronic device to see if there is a recommendation for the type of battery that you use. Some may recommend lithium batteries while others recommend that you use an alkaline battery type.

The shelf life of batteries is how long you can expect that battery to remain charged. This helps you to determine about how long you will be able to use your batteries before you need to replace them. The shelf life of batteries is determined by a number of factors including size and the type of the cell used in the battery. Manufacturers also have an influence on how long your batteries will last. Cheaper batteries tend to have much lower shelf lives than those that cost a bit more and rechargeable batteries have the longest shelf life of all because they can be reenergized each time that their energy is depleted

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