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Northwest Indiana Escape rooms for kids and adults

Northwest Indiana (NWICedar)’s Lake is home to the intriguing escape room experience Locked in at the Lake. There is certainly something for everyone with FOUR rooms created for kids, teens, and adults. If you want 60 minutes of non-stop excitement, book your experience right away on lockedinatthelake.com.

To complete the challenge in the room, your party will have 60 minutes. Numerous physical and intellectual puzzles will need to be solved. You must maintain your composure under pressure and communication is essential!

Types of escape rooms provided by Northwest Indiana.

  • In the Vault

A few of your buddies are being held captive in the bank’s vault as your party enters the foyer of Safe Holdings Bank! They will assist, but it is up to you to get them out. To release the hostages, they have a lot of problems to address, and both factions will have to cooperate in different ways.

It’s heart-pounding excitement as your gang works together to complete the task once you release the hostages (often halfway through).

​Although a group of just four individuals can successfully complete this escape room, six to ten persons are the ideal number.

  • The Lake House

There’s so much to discover!

You arrive at a fascinating historical site in Cedar Lake.

The Ball family lake house is the setting for this 60-minute excursion. In an effort to select the right heir to the Ball family’s riches, the last surviving Ball family member has developed a special job. Only the most deserving heirs will receive these riches, so he hasn’t made it simple.

  • The Missing Piece

The winner takes all at your friend’s game night, to which you have been invited! The issue is that every game has a piece missing, which you discover when you go to gather them. To complete each game and locate all the missing parts, you have only 60 minutes. An exciting combination of board games and game shows is present in this space.

​Both technology and locks are used in this game. There must be at least 4 participants for the game The Missing Piece, and there is a maximum of 10 players. 6 to 10 people are the optimum number.

  • Under the Star’s

a highly engaging escape room! You and your companions have just returned from a hike through Whispering Woods and are disoriented. Before the sun comes up, you and your crew need to cooperate as a unit to navigate the night sky and escape. Locks and technology coexist in this space.

  • After Hours(coming soon)

How to book and reserve the Escape Rooms for the parties?

The newest venue for kid and teen birthday parties in Northwest Indiana is Locked In At The Lake! Then, head over to Aurelio’s to finish off your party with pizza after booking your preferred escape room online.

For reservations, simply get in touch with Aurelio. Come visit us soon, we’re eager to see you! Only through our safe online booking process is it possible to reserve your position. To make arrangements for you, just get in touch with us. (708) 738-7673

Being the VERY FIRST Escape Room in the NWI Region makes us proud. Our initial motivation was want to offer customers an amazing brand-new experience. To acquire the skills necessary to create outstanding games and memorable experiences, we have put in a lot of effort.

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