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Which services does SepStream offer? – You should know

Solutions from SepStream, EMR/RIS/PACSTM, offer a rapid return on investment (ROI), increased operational effectiveness, and cost reductions. The diagnostic imaging paradigm has completely shifted, creating a more expensive and complex setting. We want to work with our customers to help them succeed and see the results they can see.

Our solutions offer our customers a speedy and measurable return on investment. Each customer is engaged by sepStream through a needs analysis and expectations process. Following the prompt delivery and installation of the system, we offer training specially designed for the rapid acquisition of ROI. We also provide the instruments needed to assess the value and development of an ROI.

The services offered by Sepstream.

At Sepstream, we provide EMR/RIS/PACS Solutions that are reasonably priced, scalable, and user-friendly.

  • RIS

Medical images and related data are managed using a networked software program known as a radiology information system (RIS). To handle picture archives, record-keeping, and billing, RISs are frequently used in conjunction with PACS and VNAs. They are accommodating in monitoring radiological imaging requests and billing data.

You will have all the resources necessary to reduce expenses and compete in the diagnostic imaging market with the cost-effective EMR and RIS technologies developed by sepStream. We offer solutions that are unmatched in terms of features and price. Digital radiology systems, radiology imaging systems, and digital and radiology imaging all refer to the same thing.

  • PACS solution

The photo communication and archiving system are PACS. Instead of using the outdated technique of physically filing, retrieving, and transferring film jackets, this system electronically records images and reports, which are used to store X-ray film.

Our PACS and Hybrid Cloud PACS were meticulously created to fulfill all your diagnostic imaging requirements. Our systems are adaptable to a wide range of medical specialties, including teleradiology, hospitals, orthopedics, emergency rooms, and many more for our cloud PACS. Medical PACS, Mini-PACS, and Teleradiology PACS.

  • EMR

Powerful features offered by SepStream are intended to enhance customer and patient satisfaction. A provider’s paper document typically has the following information: a patient’s medical history, diagnosis, prescriptions, immunization records, allergies, lab results, and doctor’s notes. An electronic medical record (EMR) is a computerized version of all this data. 

EMRs, utilized primarily by clinicians for diagnosis and treatment, are online medical records containing the usual clinical and medical data from one provider’s office. To ensure optimal care throughout the provider’s clinic, thorough and correct documenting a patient’s medical history, testing, diagnosis, and treatment in EMRs is essential.

  • VNA

Medical photographs are stored in a vendor-neutral archive (VNA) for free transfer and interoperability, which uses a defined format within an interface.

Our VNA product is a solid and scalable archiving solution to ensure your data is secure and accessible anytime you need to retrieve it. If a current PACS solution requires reliable routing and more storage space, our DICOM Router/Archive is the ideal addition.

The bottom line 

We can be incredibly flexible with our customers and options because of our scalable and robust solution. We will work with you to meet your demands to develop a unique solution. Want more speed, redundancy, or storage? Would you like to use your hardware? No issue. To discuss the many options, get in touch with us right now.

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